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1 in 3 Want More Personalised Ads

1 in 3 Want More Personalised Ads

1 in 3 Want More Personalised Ads

Precis Digital, a data-driven digital marketing agency, has released its latest research, conducted in collaboration with the YouGov analysis institute, which delves into consumer attitudes towards privacy and broader societal issues in digital advertising within the UK.

The study brings to light an interesting revelation: while approximately one-third of consumers express interest in receiving personalized advertisements, a mere 6% are willing to share additional data to receive such highly tailored ads. This disparity raises important questions about the alignment between consumer expectations and how brands utilize their data for marketing purposes.

Despite the preference for personalized ads, a significant 52% of consumers have withdrawn their consent from brands, with a majority attributing their decision to annoyance (56%) or intrusiveness (53%). This highlights the pressing need for marketers to address consumer demand for a more positive online advertising experience and responsible data usage.

Surprisingly, only 33% of respondents agree that online ads are more relevant than offline ads, despite the common belief that digital advertising allows for better targeting and personalization. Moreover, 41% of respondents believe that there has been no improvement in their online experience since the introduction of GDPR in 2018. These findings shed light on the complexities of consumer preferences and emphasize the urgent requirement for brands to bridge the gap between data-driven marketing and customer expectations. Transparency, trust-building, and a strong focus on customer experience emerge as critical aspects.

Rhys Cater, MD at Precis, expressed his thoughts on the research, stating, "The findings from our research shed light on the evolving dynamics between consumers and brands in the digital marketing landscape. The stark contrast between the desire for personalized ads and the reluctance to share additional data reveals a critical disconnect. It is clear that building trust, respecting privacy, and delivering meaningful experiences are paramount in today's marketing environment."