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A New Feature For Google Photos

A New Feature For Google Photos

A New Feature For Google Photos

A small but useful change has been made to the Google Photos web application. According to the news of 9to5Google, every photo will now have a category called "Backed Up" in the information section. This section will show whether the photo was recorded in its original quality or in space saving mode. It will also be possible to see the area occupied by the photo in the cloud.

As of June last year, Google changed its storage policy in Photos and stopped offering free unlimited space to back up photos. Therefore, the changes made by the internet giant can be of great help to those who continue to use Photos without paying.

With the “Backed Up” category, more comprehensive control options are offered to users who want to free up storage space. The existing “manage storage” section provides users with a more general view and management tools.

It is currently not possible to see this new category added to the Google Photos web application on iOS and Android. It is worth noting that the distribution of the feature to all accounts is not yet complete.

Source: teknoblog.com