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A New Feature on the Google Search Results

A New Feature on the Google Search Results

A New Feature on the Google Search Results

When we say Google, we think of a search engine before a big technology company. The Google search engine, which once dethroned Yahoo, took the first step for a long-awaited feature. Accordingly, Google offers a new opportunity to users for search results.

Warning message appears for Google search results.

Irrelevant search results are perhaps the most common complaint by users. Google takes action against fake news for solution.

When you make a trending search in Google search, if the information about the topic is constantly changing and contradictory, Google will give a warning message. A warning appears, "If this topic is new, it may sometimes take time for results to be added by reliable sources." is currently in the experimental stage.

Google Search Manager Danny Sullivan told the Vox site's recode team that Google is trying to offer the best results for the search to the user. Sullivan announced that they are working on a system that warns the user about new trends or about to happen.

As an example, the Search Officer gave an example of a police camera in England detecting a UFO traveling at 106 km. Google has activated this feature regarding the news that has become prominent and trending in search in a short time. Accordingly, users searching about this topic in the UK encountered the warning message before the news published on the topic.

It turned out that the information in the news was based on a report in a police station in Wales. However, it came out that there was no visual or audio evidence in the UFO news apart from this report. Google aims to enable this feature in the near future.

Artificial intelligence spam filter for healthier search

In February, Google began offering more details about the results we came across in search. The feature, which is not yet available in our country, is a tool that ensures getting more information about results that appear in the search results. This tool was first introduced on mobile.

Google also announced a new spam-blocking filter for search results in April. With this filter, artificial intelligence blocks spam results which are not related to you search. Despite all these updates, irrelevant results for the search have not put away completely yet.

Nowadays; with the importance of confirmed news sharing increasing, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have already been highlighting the verified shares. It is among the expectations that Google will take a more tangible method in this regard.

Source: shiftdelete.net