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App Store Ad Numbers Are Increasing

App Store Ad Numbers Are Increasing

App Store Ad Numbers Are Increasing

Apple announced a new step in the past months to generate more revenue from the App Store and to create different opportunities for developers to highlight their applications. As part of this step, it was announced that new advertisements would come to the application market.

Making another statement, Apple announced that these previously informed advertisements will begin to shown to users next week. Apple has been showing advertisements on the foundation of search until now, and it will start to place ads for other applications at the bottom of the application pages in the new period. The company will also start placing application advertisements in the "Today" section that appears when the market opens.

The company, which will clearly state that it is an “advertisement” with a blue logo under the ads, stated that the advertisements made a great contribution to the developers in its previous statement. These ads do not seem to attract much reaction from the user, because they help the discovery process. The new ads of the Apple App Store will start to be used in Turkey next week. The company will make a global debut here, but they state that they will not implement the new era only in China. The reason for this is not fully explained.