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Chrome Will Arrange Website Notifications

Chrome Will Arrange Website Notifications

Chrome Will Arrange Website Notifications

Google Chrome aims to prevent websites that constantly ask users if they want to receive notifications by automatically disabling notification prompts based on a person's history.

Google aims to predict the user's web browsing habits with the machine learning model it will use in the next Chrome version. The company announced that the model to be used will only work on the relevant computer.

This change is part of Google's goals to make web browsing seamless. Algorithms work at a low level and focus on making their lives easier without users noticing. It is aimed to do something about browser notifications in particular. In any case, users will have the possibility to turn on hidden notifications again.

Google wants to help by tracking the user's web browsing preferences with machine learning. For example, it automatically activates voice control instead of the keyboard on the screen to make it easier to enter a web address or search for a user who is eating something for breakfast and surfing the internet at the same time. Browser history is also kept in mind in this area, allowing users to continue surfing the web from where they left off.

Google will also try to display pages in preferred language of users.