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Digital and Traditional Marketing Differences

Digital and Traditional Marketing Differences

The Difference of Cost

Television and newspaper are the fundamental tools of traditional marketing. Printed media and professional commercials also require a large budget. In digital, you don't have to pay for most of the marketing processes. For example, you only pay for advertising on social media. Influencers are also the single person who works alone instead of large teams.

The Difference of Time and Consistency

Traditional marketing ads are shown to the consumer in certain time periods, and potential customers may not always see these ads. With digital marketing, your ads are constantly on the air. An ad that goes viral can quickly increase brand awareness.

The Difference of Communication and Effectiveness

With the traditional marketing method, we cannot see how the customer reacts to the advertisement, therefore we cannot measure it. However, in digital marketing, especially thanks to social media, the customer can message us, comment and convey their ideas. In this way, a potential customer can turn into a real customer.

The Difference of Reached Audience

In traditional marketing, when your ads are live, people who see your ads might not your potential customers. In digital marketing, you can set who sees your ads. In this way, your ad can be shown to people who are actually interested in your ad.