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Google Chrome’s Logo Changed

Google Chrome’s Logo Changed

Google Chrome’s Logo Changed

The logo of Google Chrome, which first appeared in 2008 and had a bright, three-dimensional and glamorous logo at that time, had changed three times until today. With the new Chrome update released today (Chrome 100), Chrome's logo has experienced the fourth change in its history.

The first logo of Google Chrome, as we mentioned, was a three-dimensional and heavily illuminated logo. For those times, of course, these elements made people say, 'Oh, look how technological it looks'. Later, the logo became two-dimensional in 2011 and had lighting + shading. In the logo change in 2014, Google removed the lighting. But in this world order, where minimal designs continue to dominate, Chrome has now gotten rid of the shadows.

Removed shadows from Google Chrome logo

With the logo change of Google Chrome, which took place 8 years later, the shadings in the logo were removed and we are left with a plain and simple logo. However, the logo has remained the same in height, but has a thinner circle as the blue circle in the middle has grown.

Besides the change in shadows and blue circle, Chrome also got a logo with more vibrant colors. Red, green, yellow and blue colors are now even more vivid with a very fine adjustment of the colors.