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Google Is Shutting Down YouTube's Go App!

Google Is Shutting Down YouTube's Go App!

Google Is Shutting Down YouTube's Go App!

We often come across news that technology companies are not getting any efficiency and that users have unplugged applications and services that they do not prefer. A new one has been added to these recently. Google announced in a statement that a YouTube application that was launched in 2016 will be closed very soon.

Google explained: End of the Way for YouTube Go

In 2016, Google launched YouTube Go, which aims to facilitate access to YouTube from mobile devices and focuses on developing markets for the internet. The mobile application, which was released specifically for Android, allowed videos to be downloaded and shared with other users, unlike standard YouTube.

Google announced on its website a while ago that it has decided to shut down YouTube Go. The reason behind this decision was explained as the standard application works efficiently and stably even with low quality devices and connection speeds with the improvements made recently.

Aside from that, it should be noted that Google is working on a new feature to reduce mobile data usage for people with limited data. In short, most of the features of YouTube Go have already come to the standard application. Works continue for the remainder.

YouTube Go will bid farewell to its users in August if nothing goes wrong. During this time, the company will further develop the standard application with new features, as we mentioned above, and provide a suitable environment for users with low-performance devices and internet connections.