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Google Launches Feature for English Education

Google Launches Feature for English Education

Google Launches Feature for English Education

Google is aiming to rival language learning apps by introducing a new feature for those looking to learn English.

This new feature will be available on Google Search on Android devices and will initially be accessible in countries such as Argentina, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Venezuela. However, Google plans to expand this feature to more countries and languages in the near future.

This feature offers users trying to learn English the opportunity to engage in interactive speaking practice. Each practice session lasts for 3 to 5 minutes and provides users with personalized feedback and daily reminders.

The user experience encourages students to ask questions and respond using the given vocabulary. Google states that this experience evaluates users' ability to provide appropriate answers to the given questions, assesses their clarity, and offers suggestions to improve language skills. These features have been developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies and have been enriched by language education experts.

Language learning and communication skills hold significant global importance as many individuals need to learn different languages for various areas such as work, education, travel, and cultural interaction. Therefore, language learning tools and resources are in high demand. Google's new feature has the potential to make the language learning process more accessible, especially for individuals in low-income regions or those with limited educational resources.