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Google Performance Max Updates

Google Performance Max Updates

Google Performance Max Updates

Google has introduced new features to help digital marketers improve the performance of their Performance Max campaigns. The new features include campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, and easier video creation. Additionally, new reporting and insights enable advertisers to see conversions, conversion value, cost, and other metrics at the asset group level.

Digital marketers can now optimize and prove the incremental value of their Performance Max campaigns with new features from Google. The search and advertising giant has announced several updates to help advertisers improve campaign performance on Search inventory, grow ROI with higher-impact video creative, measure conversion uplift, and get deeper reporting.

Brand Exclusions

One of the new features Google is rolling out is campaign-level brand exclusions, which will provide added control for Performance Max campaigns. Advertisers can now exclude their brand terms and choose from a list of other brands to exclude. This feature will help to block traffic from most brand misspellings and brand searches in a foreign language. The exclusions will also ensure that Performance Max campaigns won’t serve for branded queries that advertisers want to avoid on Search and Shopping inventory.

Page Feeds

In the coming months, Google will roll out page feeds to Performance Max to help advertisers further refine their results from Search inventory. This feature allows advertisers to send traffic to specific website landing page URLs. Advertisers can also use labels to group URLs by a theme to make them easier to use in a specific campaign or asset group.

Easier Video Creation

To make it easier to provide high-quality video ads, Google has integrated video creation tools directly into Performance Max campaign setup and editing workflows. Previously, this feature was only available in the asset library. Advertisers who have always wanted to create a video ad but lacked the resources or time to do so can now take advantage of this feature.

New Reporting & Insights

To help advertisers understand and evaluate their results, Google is introducing new reporting and insights. Soon, advertisers will be able to see conversions, conversion value, cost, and various other metrics at the asset group level. Google is also introducing budget pacing insights that will help advertisers automatically uncover opportunities to optimize their budget and performance. Advertisers can see how much their campaigns have spent and are projected to spend, along with their current and forecasted conversion performance. With this information, advertisers can understand how their campaign is pacing and whether there’s an opportunity to change or redistribute their budget to drive more conversions.