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Google Will Control You the Ads You See!

Google Will Control You the Ads You See!

Google Will Control You the Ads You See!

Google also discussed ad management at its last developer conference. Expressing that it wants to offer a personalized advertising experience to its users, the technology giant announced its new My Ad Center experience. So, what is Google My Ad Center?

Google is changing the ad experience with My Ad Center

Google announced the "My Ad Center" application, which will be available soon. Allowing you to control the ads displayed on Google Search, Discover and YouTube, the new service will enhance the personalized ad experience.

Saying that it wants to "make it even easier for you to control the ads you see", Google says that it will allow users to quickly change personalized ads. In addition, My Ad Center will have a Customize section divided into three tabs, so that targeted ads can be managed.

You will also be able to specify which topic you would like to see more of in the Customize category. Google, which will offer special ads to users with cards with plus and minus signs, said that these personalization options will be accessible directly through the advertisement.

With the new feature, it is aimed to prevent targeted ads from being annoying. For example, users who search the internet for a specific car will be able to check their ads by selecting the "hybrid vehicles" category. Another user who finishes the gift selection will want to see less ads related to that topic.

Google also made assertive statements to indicate that it does "not sell" user data. “We never sell your personal information to anyone. "We do not use content you store in Gmail, Drive or Maps for content marketing."

Google stated that it will open My Ad Center towards the end of the year.