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Google Will Reveal More About Its Advertisers

Google Will Reveal More About Its Advertisers

Google Will Reveal More About Its Advertisers

Google announced in a blog post yesterday that it's adding more transparency to its ad experience. From now on, users will be able to get more detailed information about the ad they come across by using the "About this ad" feature.

Users will be able to see the advertiser's name as well as why this ad was shown to them. Let's also add that users can view other ads of the advertiser within the scope of new features brought by Google. Additionally, viewers will be given the option to mute the ad.

The role of the Advertiser Verification Program

The company also reminded of the Advertiser Verification Program announced in April of 2020. At that time, advertisers verified a lot of information about their businesses, including the country they work in and the products they sell. This new feature, released by Google, allows users to easily access this information verified by businesses.

In addition, when the Advertiser Verification Program combines with the About this ad feature, Google also disables bad actors among advertisers.

The company said it has verified advertisers from 90 countries so far under the program. According to Google; Work will continue within the scope of the verification program.

Advertiser pages

Another innovation that Google announced was the Advertiser pages. Users will be able to access all advertisements published by the advertiser in the last 30 days by clicking "see more ads from this advertiser" on the "About this ad" menu.

Let's add that users can easily report advertisers from the "About this ad" menu. The feature, which will be opened to advertisers in the USA in the upcoming months, is planned to be opened to all users in 2022.

Transparency age in digital advertising

The fact that political disinformation ads shape the fate of countries has opened the doors of serious problems for social networks. While technology giants came to the fore with lawsuits, users increased their technology literacy through documentaries and articles published on the subject.

Google states that 30 million users interact with the transparency and control menus of ads every day. Moreover, users mostly use these features on YouTube compared to other Google products. That's why the company will release the features on YouTube and Search products.