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Google Works on Voice Recognition for Assistant

Google Works on Voice Recognition for Assistant

Google Works on Voice Recognition for Assistant

According to a few lines in the code of Google's Assistant app, the company is working on a feature where Assistant can better recognize your voice and recognize your commands. In March 2021, Google started using the unified learning method on the Android platform to develop the "Hey Google" command. Upon that development, it was learned that Google is working on a personalized speech recognition feature for the assistant.

According to the information received, it now seems that Google Assistant will help it become better at recognizing frequently used words and names. According to the strings in the latest versions of the Google application on Android, a description given in the Google Assistant settings has been made.

Assistant will get to know your voice better by looking at the sounds you've previously recorded

The description in Google Assistant's settings is exactly as follows: “Store voice recordings on this device to help Google Assistant recognize better what you are saying. Audio remains on this device and can be deleted at any time by turning off personalized speech recognition. Learn more"

This "Learn more" can be linked to an existing support article about Google's use of unified learning to enable users to enable custom word using voice recordings stored on their device to refine commands such as "Hey Google" detection.

This feature for Assistant aims to extend these machine learning-based improvements beyond the "Hey Google" command to your actual Assistant commands, specifically names and common words. The audio of past conversations will be stored on the device and analyzed for future transcription.