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Microsoft Changed That Will Affect the Internet

Microsoft Changed That Will Affect the Internet

Microsoft Changed That Will Affect the Internet

Microsoft is preparing to take a new step for the JavaScript software language that creates almost all websites on the internet. The software giant's latest JavaScript proposal seems to affect the internet from top to bottom.

Microsoft has decided to make changes to TypeScript, an open source programming language that depends on JavaScript. Wanting to make the open-source language faster and simpler, Microsoft shared its proposal to add an optional and erasable syntax type to JavaScript.

Microsoft designed new syntax for JavaScript: What will it change?

One of the major limitations of JavaScript is that it does not have a static variable type. Developers are trying to solve this problem by creating new languages or tools like TypeScript, Closure Compiler or Flow that depend on JavaScript to organize coding in a more structured way.

The approach of the TypeScript language developed by Microsoft allows programmers to write code in a more organized language. However, if there are static variables in the codes written in TypeScript, converting them to JavaScript can cause problems.

Although there are currently many supporting tools for this conversion, some encoding inconsistencies may occur during conversion. Microsoft, on the other hand, announced its new goals for the TypeScript language in its latest blog post.

According to Microsoft's statement, the purpose of the new syntax type is to allow developers to run programs without the need to import TypeScript, Flow, and JavaScript's other static type sets. Microsoft said that the new syntax will not change the way the code sequence works and will be read as a comment in engines other than TypeScript and Flow.

Additionally, it turned out that 69 percent of respondents to the 2021 JavaScript survey use TypeScript to write JavaScript codes. Also, according to the survey, the static type was voted as the most important shortcoming of the JavaScript language.

New offer will be presented to the ECMAScript Standards Committee by a team of Microsoft's Gil Tayar, Daniel Rosenwasser, Igalia software company Romulo Sintra, and Bloomberg's Rob Palmer.