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New Features for Google Chrome iOS App

New Features for Google Chrome iOS App

New Features for Google Chrome iOS App

iPhone users who store all their passwords on Chrome will soon be able to log into their accounts on different platforms faster. The latest version of the Chrome iOS app allows Chrome to be designated as the phone's "Autofill provider".

The update also brings the "extended safe browsing" feature. In addition, “Chrome Actions” are among the features offered to iPhone and iPad users.

Most of these features were already available in the Chrome Android app. One of them, Password Manager, enables data stored in Chrome to be used to log into other apps on the phone.

Extended Safe Browsing feature checks if visited websites are trustworthy. If the email address and password you use for a site were leaked to the Internet as a result of a security breach, Chrome advises users to change their passwords. This warning is for all platforms where the leaked password is used.

iPhone owners who have not used Chrome for a long time will now see a new page when they open the browser to help them discover new content and search. Although this feature is not yet available on Android, Google has announced that this feature will come to Android soon.

Updating the language translation model stands out as a feature that will make things easier for those who use Chrome's built-in translation feature.

The menu that opens when tapping the three-dot icon in the Chrome iOS application is renewed in a way that will speed up users' access to important sections. It is now possible to access browser history, passwords and settings more quickly through this menu.