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New Incoming Features for Chrome and Google

New Incoming Features for Chrome and Google

New Incoming Features for Chrome and Google

Improvings continues for the Google Chrome, one of the most used browsers in the world. The company is also taking steps to improve search.

The "Reader" mode will be released for Google Chrome at the end of the year under Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS, and it will bring the content of the opened web pages to you in a simple form with a single click. This feature will remove photos and videos from the content and hide all the distracting elements on the pag, and it will be very pleasing to many people who frequently do long readings on the web.

In the meantime, a step has been taken specifically for Google. The internet giant announced that they will bring the "Perspectives" feature to the search results. This feature, which will appear in everyone's search results soon but will initially be limited to English and the US, will add different viewpoints under the top content that comes up under the search term. Just below the "Top Stories" box in the results, "Perspectives" will attract attention, showing the opinions of a number of journalists, experts and other prominent people about what comes up with your search term, so that the search can be approached from many different perspectives. The feature will also work on mobile, and it will please those who like to evaluate different views.

Before that, an update was made specifically for MacBooks for Google Chrome. The latest update to Google Chrome for Mac has made the browser as powerful as Apple's Safari in terms of energy saving. According to Google's statement, with the 13-inch MacBook Pro with the M2 processor, you can now watch YouTube videos for up to 18 hours on Chrome or browse the Internet for 17 hours. It is reported that these can be increased by 30 minutes when the energy saving mode is activated, and this detail looks very nice for MacBook users who do not like Safari. To improve battery life, Google states they've made some changes, such as tweaking certain technical infrastructures to consume less energy, changing JavaScript timers to wake the CPU less, tweaking data structures to optimize access, and eliminating unnecessary reloads.