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New Schedule Feature For LinkedIn

New Schedule Feature For LinkedIn

New Schedule Feature For LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular applications in the business world. The platform is similar to Facebook in terms of structure, allows you to see all the social aspects of the business world on your home page. The platform allows you to stay in touch with your colleagues and see the developments of your company and the companies you follow, and the platform is also very important for following new job opportunities.

Aiming to keep the platform up-to-date by offering many services to its users, LinkedIn has now offered a new feature. LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that allows users to schedule posts for later sharing. The new feature, which has been tested for several months, is now ready to use. With the new feature, users will be able to share their posts whenever they want with ahead scheduling. Thus, the content will be shared during the hours with the most interaction, so that more people will see it.

Currently, the sharing scheduling feature on LinkedIn has become active in some of Android and desktop users. Some users seem to wait a little longer to use the new feature. Those with this feature see a small clock icon next to the "post" button in the post creation box. When users click on the clock icon, they are presented with a choice between a specific date and half-hour time slots they want to schedule their posts on. Therefore, users will be able to share their posts at a later date and time.

This feature has always been a major shortcoming for LinkedIn, considering that it has 875 million users. In other social media apps, the ahead scheduling feature has been available for a while. The feature, which was offered on Twitter via TweetDeck, was also available on Facebook for a while. Email scheduling was also offered in Gmail for a long time. LinkedIn seems to have eliminated one more important deficiency with its new sharing scheduling feature.