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News From Google That Makes Happy!

News From Google That Makes Happy!

News From Google That Makes Happy!

Integrating with the concept of the Internet, Google offers dozens of different tools for those who want to rise to the top in the search engine. The good news of Search Console Insights came for websites using the new version (4) of Google Analytics, which is the first solution that comes to mind when it comes to statistics of a site.

Analytics 4, or GA4 for short, was released in October 2020. Launched as the next generation Analytics, this version uses the power of artificial intelligence to provide detailed information about your site.

Search Console Insights gets Google Analytics 4

Search Console Insights finally got GA4 support. Designed for content creators and publishers, Search Console Insights helps you understand how the content on your site is discovered by audiences and what appeals to your readers.

To achieve this, both Google Search Console and Google Analytics data are combined.

What exactly does this do? For those who ask, Google expresses it as follows;

- What are your top performing content?
- How is the performance of your new content?
- How do users discover your content on the web?
- What do people search for on Google before visiting your content?
- Which article directs users to your website and content?