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Stream Personalization Has Arrived In Facebook

Stream Personalization Has Arrived In Facebook

Stream Personalization Has Arrived In Facebook

Facebook is a platform which is used by millions of people. Facebook's impact on delivering news still has not decreased. The umbrella company Meta wanted to make the home page more user-friendly and "personal", therefore announced a new feature in the previous days. Thanks to this new feature, people will have the chance to better customize their home page streams.

"Show more" or "show less" options will be added under the selected posts that will shown to you in order for this customization to happen easily. The new content similar to those which you have marked as "show less" will be thrown into the background with the use of algorithm. Similar content that you have marked as "show more" will start to appear at a higher rate. These settings will also be accessible via the “three dots” in the upper right corner of the content when the base is accessible for everyone.

Facebook had become the topic of the agenda with a TikTok-focused change before. TikTok is currently among the most used social media channels in the world and affects the entire market. TikTok has become a must for the new generation, and it is giving the umbrella company Meta a hard time with its great success and being a pioneer for new trends.

The company has made great efforts to make Instagram compete with TikTok, and now Meta has also made a significant change on the Facebook side. With the updates, the homepage in the Facebook app was divided into two with the effect of TikTok. In the new update that was activated for everyone, two different menus were brought under the mobile application, namely "home page" and "stream".

Special content is brought to you in the home page menu. The special content is the posts that may be of interest to you, and they are selected by the algorithm and come from accounts that you do not follow. In this way, Facebook developers who aim to make you spend more time in the app bring content from the accounts, people and groups you follow in the "streams" menu, therefore they separate the app into two.