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The Future of Subscription Shopping

The Future of Subscription Shopping

The Future of Subscription Shopping

Subscription shopping is on the rise. A new study by OnePoll and eDreams ODIGEO has found that 86% of UK shoppers have increased, or at least maintained, their spending on subscriptions over the last year, and 78% intend to ringfence or increase their subscription spending in the months ahead.

The study also found that only 1% of UK shoppers do not consider themselves to be subscribers in any form. This suggests that subscription shopping is becoming increasingly mainstream in the UK.

Why Are People Subscribing?

There are a number of reasons why people are subscribing to products and services. The most popular reasons are:

Convenience: Subscriptions can save people time and effort by automatically delivering products or services to their door. For example, a meal kit subscription service can deliver all the ingredients and recipes needed to cook a meal at home, saving people the time and hassle of shopping for groceries and planning meals.

Cost-effectiveness: Subscriptions can often be cheaper than buying products or services individually. For example, a streaming service subscription can offer access to a wide variety of movies and TV shows for a single monthly fee, which can be cheaper than buying individual DVDs or streaming movies on a pay-per-view basis.

Personalization: Subscriptions can be tailored to individual needs and preferences. For example, a clothing subscription service can send customers a box of clothes that have been selected based on their style preferences and body measurements.

Variety: Subscriptions can offer a wide variety of products or services, which can help people to discover new things. For example, a subscription box service can send customers a box of different products each month, such as beauty products, snacks, or home goods.

Who Is Subscribing?

Subscription shopping is popular across all demographics. However, there were some differences in the reasons why different groups of people subscribe.

Singles: Singles were more likely to subscribe for cost-saving reasons. They may be more likely to live in smaller apartments or homes, and may not have the time or resources to cook at home as often.

Families: Families were more likely to subscribe for convenience reasons. They may have young children, and may not have the time or energy to go shopping as often.

Older adults: Older adults were more likely to subscribe for convenience and personalization reasons. They may not be able to get to the store as easily, and may appreciate the convenience of having products delivered to their door. They may also appreciate the personalization of subscription services, which can help them to discover new products and services that they may not have found otherwise.

The Future of Subscription Shopping

The study suggests that the subscription economy is here to stay. The convenience, cost-effectiveness, and personalization of subscription services are likely to continue to attract new customers.

As the subscription economy grows, businesses will need to adapt their strategies to meet the needs of this new breed of shopper. This may involve offering more personalized and convenient subscription options, as well as developing new ways to measure and track the success of subscription programs.