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Useful Content Will Be Featured in Google!

Useful Content Will Be Featured in Google!

Useful Content Will Be Featured in Google!

Google has announced that it will update its Search service. With the update to be made, original content that considers user benefits will come to the fore, not SEO-oriented content. In addition, users who are looking for information about products will see the content written by experts on the first pages from now on.

US-based technology giant Google has announced that it has taken a very important decision regarding the Search service. According to a statement on the company's official blog page, the results shown in Google Searches will look after the user benefit from now on. The decision reveals that the Google Search experience will improve like never before. Let's take a closer look at the statements made by Google together.

Google's Searches service has been focused on SEO until now. Websites that closely followed the company's SEO rules and created content according to the rules were at the top of the search results. In fact, the size of the business has reached such a point that even artificial intelligences that can write SEO-oriented content have been developed. However, Google seems to understand that these are not in the user's best interest. Because from now on, you will see original and quality content on the first pages, not SEO-oriented content.

According to the statement made by Google, the "useful content update" will allow the user to really find the answer to what he is wondering. At this point The content that is really handcrafted and useful will be shown in the first place. Content created by bots or prepared by copy-paste method will be thrown into the background. Google says it's nothing to do with content creators who do their job right, and articles from those creators will continue to be featured.

Another plan for Google's Searches service is about product reviews. The company states that it focuses on this issue and has released important updates since last year. Now these studies have been deepened. According to Google, product reviews written by experts will come to the fore in search results. In this way, maximum benefit will be provided for the user.

Google has announced that the new era in the Searches service will soon apply to English first. The update in our country will be completed in a few months.