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What Is Black Friday? When Does It Start?

What Is Black Friday? When Does It Start?

Black Friday is a campaign that emerged in America in 1932 and is held on the first Friday after Thanksgiving. The stores apply quite a lot of discounts for their customers who want to prepare for Christmas and offer them for sale at these campaign prices.

So which products are selling the most?

Apple AirPods Pro is the most popular product purchased on Black Friday. It's pretty common in the US to wear a pair of white headphones. Robot is in second place. The product, which is preferred by most pet owners, is very popular because it makes house cleaning easy for people. The sale of Virtual Reality Headset comes in the trid place, a unique and immersive experience that provides hours of entertainment for all ages. Apple MacBook is in the fourth place. This means that the most preferred products on Black Friday are undoubtedly technological devices.

So, how should we prepare for the Black Friday?

It is very important that you start working in a planned and programmed manner for Black Friday. E-commerce websites are one of the most important trade branches that need to be worked on in a planned manner. You should test your site's strength to handle inbound traffic, page load speed, and mobile compatibility beforehand. At the same time, in order to increase your sales, you can control the stock and increase your stocks by resupplying the products that are low on stock or out of stock. When deciding on the products that will be discounted, you can choose the products with low sales, and you can apply discounts by reducing your profit margin to reduce the stocks of these products.

With a good planning, you can increase your brand sales and increase your revenue on Black Friday.