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YouTube Added Dubbing Feature to Videos

YouTube Added Dubbing Feature to Videos

YouTube Added Dubbing Feature to Videos

YouTube is being further developed with new features, and now company removed the language barrier.

YouTube has been testing for a long time to allow multiple language dubbings to be added to a video. This feature is especially useful in countries where more than one language is spoken, and it does not require the installation of separate videos for dubbings in different languages. Dubbings in other languages ​​for a video can be selected directly in the video settings in the lower right corner. For example, all videos published in the last 3 years by MrBeast, who is the YouTube's most subscribed individual channel (123 million), have a dubbing option next to Turkish subtitles option.

Thanks to this professional dubbing, MrBeast's videos are watched much more in Turkey than in the past. Of course, the videos shared by MrBeast do not only include Turkish dubbing. In addition to the original language English, there are also dubbing / language options in many languages ​​such as Vietnamese, Korean, French, Arabic and more. These are also very professionally prepared and increase the audience reached by the videos.

This dubbing feature comes with a high cost. Google is aware of this and has been making some important plans for a while to change the process. For example, the artificial intelligence-supported system called Aloud, which came out of Area 120 where Google supports experimental projects, can make the dubbing process available to everyone. The system, which has been activated for some content producers to test in the past days, can automatically add dubbing to the videos in the language you choose.

Google uses "80 percent of the world does not speak English." motto for the advanced system Aloud, but for now, it has not been clearly explained which languages ​​Aloud supports. In other words, the company indicates that there is a very large audience one can reach. Area 120-based Aloud detects the language in the uploaded videos and converts them into text, asks you to correct the mistakes in this text, and it can add the final version of the text to the videos with a natural, human-like sound.

This dubbing feature looks great for those who want to learn a new language while having fun or who want to improve their foreign language at a certain level. Because in dubbed videos, you can activate subtitles in a different language. For example, you can watch a Turkish-dubbed MrBeast video with German subtitles. In this way, you can have fun and practice popular languages ​​such as German, French or Italian.