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YouTube Improved Ads on TVs

YouTube Improved Ads on TVs

YouTube Improved Ads on TVs

YouTube announced Monday that it is expanding its video action campaigns (one of Google's types of interactive ads for video) to connected television (CTV) to make YouTube ads more shoppable. The company says that this new move will help advertisers sell more online and grow their business.

In terms of context, when viewers see a video action campaign on their TV, they are invited to continue shopping on the brand's website from their desktop or mobile device via a URL at the bottom of their screen. All this is done without interrupting users' viewing sessions.

“With a quarter of logged-in YouTube CTV viewers watching primarily on TVs, the living room is becoming a prime location for brands to drive incremental conversions with new audiences. Romana Pawar, director of product management for YouTube ads, said that "In early experiments for video action campaigns on TV screens, more than 90% of conversions from CTV were unreachable on mobile and desktop devices."

Pawar states that more people are choosing to watch YouTube on the big screen because more than 120 million people in the US watched YouTube or YouTube TV on their TVs in December last year. You can use video action campaigns to find new customers in a single campaign by combining the inventory of YouTube and Google video partners.

“For the first time, performance advertisers can improve CTV from YouTube to drive and measure conversions,” Pawar said in his blog post. Video action campaigns on TV screens are now available worldwide through Google Ads.

Google first announced plans to make linked TV ads more shoppable earlier this year. Consumers, especially younger users, like watching videos and interact while shopping. As a result, YouTube and other platforms like Facebook and Instagram have invested in live shopping and video-based shopping features.