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Youtube Introduces New Hyperlinked Comments

Youtube Introduces New Hyperlinked Comments

Youtube Introduces New Hyperlinked Comments

YouTube is currently testing an exciting new feature designed to enhance engagement between brands, creators, and viewers, all while minimizing disruptions: hyperlinked words or phrases within the comments section.

Presently, when a viewer wants to explore further about a topic or product mentioned in a comment, they have to leave the video they are watching. To streamline this process for viewers looking to discover fresh and relevant content on the platform, YouTube is experimenting with hyperlinked keywords in comments.

In essence, when certain words or phrases in comments are linked, they will lead viewers to the YouTube search results page without interrupting the video they were originally watching.

Why is this a significant development for YouTube marketing?

Users are much more inclined to follow a link if it doesn't disrupt their viewing experience. Therefore, YouTube's latest feature offers marketers an improved opportunity to reach more viewers and engage more effectively with potential customers.

Nevertheless, some marketers have raised concerns that redirecting viewers away from videos might have drawbacks, such as leading users to the search results page only to end up watching videos from competing brands.

How will YouTube's hyperlinked comment keywords function?

Phrases or single words in comments that encourage exploration will be hyperlinked. Clicking on a link initiates a new YouTube search with that term, guiding viewers to the search results page. The video will continue playing in the Miniplayer, minimizing any disruptions. Which words or phrases get hyperlinked will be determined by YouTube based on what viewers are most likely to want to explore further. Commenters won't have the ability to add or modify links themselves, though creators can remove links from their video comments at their discretion. Viewers have the option to opt out of this test if they prefer their comments without hyperlinks.

What other changes is YouTube implementing?

Alongside the introduction of hyperlinked comments, YouTube has announced three additional changes:

Reminders Set: Viewers on YouTube currently have the option to set reminders by clicking "Notify me" to receive push and email notifications when a livestream or premiere they want to watch is about to begin. Now, YouTube has added a new metric called "Reminders Set" to its analytics, allowing creators to see how many reminders their viewers have set.

Tablet Visibility: Previously, it was possible to create posts on tablets, but these posts weren't visible on tablets and it was a feature frequently requested by creators and viewers alike. Responding to this demand, YouTube has now made posts visible to all iPad and Android tablet users, expanding the reach of posts to those primarily using YouTube on tablets.

Channel Membership Management: Eligible creators can now establish and oversee channel memberships through Studio Mobile, in addition to other fan funding options. In the past, this could only be done on desktop. Additionally, before these recent updates, members-only videos were not featured in members' home feeds, subscription feeds, or channel page content tabs. However, they will now appear on all three.