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YouTube's Design is Under Renovation

YouTube's Design is Under Renovation

YouTube's Design is Under Renovation

One of the world's biggest software companies, Google, makes frequent changes in its own platforms. This time, after being criticized for the high amount of ads in a single video, YouTube is again at the top of the agenda for renovating its home page.

Developing the Material You software language with the Android 13, Google is preparing to use the same design language on all its platforms. With this innovation, YouTube will be renewing both its desktop and mobile design. There will be more changes in desktop design than mobile design.

YouTube plans to bring its own revision to the dark theme, which has become a big trend in the past years. YouTube is planned to use a black dark theme instead of a gray one, and is considering using rounded corners for the buttons in its new design with the color change. The hard lines of the iconic "Subscribe" button are softened with new revisions.

Moving the explore section in desktop design from right side to left side, YouTube plans to use rounded corners in thumbnails shown for previews, just like the buttons. Another of the changes foreseen in the new design is the combined like/dislike buttons placed in a capsule-shaped box. The redesigned buttons, regardless of light or dark mode, will have their own background colors, and the description box, like the buttons, will minimize monotony with its own background colors and emphasize elegance and design. The comments section on this theme will still be in the foreground.

The video page, which has been redesigned by YouTube while keeping its iconic features, is still in the testing phase by YouTube. There is still a little more time until all users are to meet the new design.